Maintenance of the First Daigokuden Hall

Maintenance of the First Daigokuden Hall

“Heijokyo” thrived as Japan’s first large-scale international city. Heijo Palace is currently considered as national cultural heritage. It is also designated as a Special Historic Site of Japan.

Based on the policy to use Heijo Palace as a place to pass on the ancient culture of the Heijokyo to future generations, the “Basic Scheme for the Preservation and Development of the Heijo Palace Site as a Special Historic Site” was implemented by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1978. As part of this plan, the restoration and maintenance of historic architecture has been conducted across Japan. In Nara, the restoration and maintenance of the district of the Kunaisho (Ministry of the Sovereign’s Household), Suzakumon Gate and East Palace Garden was conducted.

Restoration of the First Daigokuden-Hall- the main building of the Heijo Palace, site – began in 2001 and was completed in 2010, the year of the 1,300th anniversary of the Nara Heijokyo capital.

In addition, the restoration and maintenance of the Nanmon Gate, cloisters and areas of the palace) precincts is currently under development.

The First Daigokuden after restoration

The First Daigokuden Building (Model)

About the First Daigokuden Hall in Heijo Palace

in the early days of the Nara period, twin buildings of the Chodoin (offices of the palace) stood symmetrically at the Suzakumon Gate, with the Daigokuden Hall located behind these buildings.

The Daigokuden and Chodoin buildings had raised stepped platforms (stylobates) built upon the foundations, which supported the vermilion-lacquered columns. These buildings were magnificent and were covered with tiled roofs.

The Daigokuden was located in an elevated position in the north sector of the First Daigokuden .Hall. The Daigokuden was where the Emperor appeared for country’s important ceremonies, including the enthronement, the New Year’s court ceremony and receptions for foreign delegations. In the early days of the Nara Period, important events were held in the Daigokuden and Chodoin.