The First Daigokuden

About the First Daigokuden Hall


The Daigokuden Hall – the State Council Hall within the Imperial Palace – is located about 800m north of Suzakumon Gate. It is about 44m wide, 20m deep and 27m high. The First Daigokuden, the largest building in the Heijokyo Palace area, was built with 44 vermillion columns, each with a diameter of 70cm, and used over 97,000 roofing tiles called ‘kawara’. In the middle of the Nara period when the capital was temporarily transferred to Kuni Palace, the building was once relocated to Kuni Palace and reconstructed as Kokubunji Temple’s Kondo Hall in Yamashiro Province. The First Daigokuden Hall was used for the most important ceremonies of state, including the enthronement of Emperors and receptions for foreign delegations.



Opening Hours
9:00 to 16:30 (Last Admission 16:00)
Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, on Tuesday), Year-end and New Year holidays

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The biggest challenge for the restoration of the Daigokuden Hall was that the design drawings and reference paintings of the original structure did not exist. So, it was necessary to estimate the sizes and shapes of the building from the sizes of the stylobate stepped platform discovered by excavation, as well as the conditions of the foundation stones left in the former site of the Daigokuden (Kokubunji Temple’s Kondo Hall) in Kuni Palace. In addition, the project researchers used a limited number of the remaining documents and designs of temples from the same period including the Kondo Hall of Horyuji Temple, and the East Pagoda at Yakushiji Temple as reference.